I had my first brush with diabetes during my pregnancy. The day I failed my sugar test, I came back home and started crying because I had no clue how to manage gestational diabetes and also because it threw a wrench into my plan of having a healthy baby!
My first endocrinologist suggested that making diet changes will be too challenging. Instead, he put me on a prescription of insulin injections (taking tablets is not an option for pregnant women!).┬áThe idea of taking injections didn’t sit well with me. Luckily I was able to find an endocrinologist who was willing to work with me with just diet changes.
The next few months were a battle of pure willpower. The goal of having a healthy baby carried me through all the temptations. Four months later, I delivered a healthy baby and, as my doctors promised, my diabetes disappeared!
Now that I am in my forties, I have been diagnosed “prediabetic”. Unlike gestational diabetes, I don’t have a 4-month time bound goal of sticking with a low-carb diet. And, I am sure that you will agree that warding off diabetes in the “distant future” is not as compelling a reward as having a healthy baby!
So, I want to have you as my accountability buddy ! I would like to share my journey of conquering “prediabetes” and learn from your experiences! I have realized that there are three apsects, or “3Ms”, to overcoming prediabetes:
  1. Mind
  2. Movement
  3. Mouth-watering recipes
In this blog you will find my favorite hacks, how-tos, and recipes for all the 3Ms! I would also love to hear about what you have done and what has worked for you!
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