7 eating rules that will help you to breakup with Prediabetes

I want to start with few simple habits that you can easily incorporate in your daily life. Trust me, you don’t need even an iota of motivation to get started on these.

  1. Carry a bottle of water when you step outside: I started doing this recently after getting inspired by my cousin who always carries a bottle of water with her. And recently my cubicle mate shared the same habit. It took me a long time to order a bottle of water on Amazon. I have a bottle of water at my office table. However this was little different. And I have noticed that my water intake increased dramatically since I started this practice. Highly recommend it!
  2. Drink water before reaching for cuppa joe: I notice that I don’t want to drink water after having a coffee or tea. As a result, I go without drinking water for few hours. Instead drinking water BEFORE having that coffee/tea helps me to stay hydrated. We have a water filter with hot and cold water, right next to the coffee machine. And now I do this automatically without even thinking
  3. Add vegetables to morning breakfast: Most of the days I have scrambled eggs for breakfast. For the longest time I used to eat boiled eggs that I make as part of my weekend meal-prep routine. (Stay tuned for another post on meal-prep.) I noticed that having a bag of salad leaves makes it a no-brainer to add few leaves before adding eggs to the pan. Having onion powder, garlic powder handy helps me to have a delish scrambled eggs entrée.
  4. Take 5 deep breathes before eating meals: This is by far my easiest one on this list. However the trick is to remember it until it becomes a habit. The best way to tackle this is to tell a family member that you want to start this practice and ask them to remind you. What is a deep breath? Deep breath is nothing but breathing in for count of 4 and then breathing out to count of 6. No need to hold breath in between.
  5. Chew 5 times before swallowing: I notice that when I am very hungry, I chug my food so quickly! And I notice that I want to gorge it down! When I am saner, I am more likely to chew the food. Usually I chew ~3 times. However, on days when I am mindful enough to chew my food well,  I notice that I need less food to feel satisfied
  6. Skip free food at office kitchen counter: This is more of a rule that I made for myself. You can cut down on lot of empty calories!
  7. Eat your dinner away from screen: I noticed that dinners is where I let my guard loose. And if I watch and eat, I am more likely to go for seconds #mindlesseating

What has worked for you? Leave your feedback in the comments section.

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