3 exercise ideas to workout at home

Having gained and lost 20+ lbs several times (at least 3 times based on my last count), I figured that a sure shot way to gain your weight back quickly is to not a home work-out routine. This is especially relevant for working moms because there will be days when kids fall sick, docs appts, spouse traveling, when you cannot go to the gym. Therefore a home routine for those days is ideal.

I suggest that you have a small 5 minute routine. And fight back when the mind says “What will 5 mins do? Skip it altogether.”

Here is what I have done in the past:

  1. Used a mobile app: My favorite mobile app is Sworkit. It has a freemium model but I find the free features just as valuable! It has 5 min workout at one touch. And it changes up the workout exercises every time you use it.
  2. Make it up: I created my own set of stretches which I have used over the years. My consists of core exercises such as Squats, Plank, Crunches, Push ups, Wall sit
  3. Sun Salutations: Each sun salutation takes 30 secs. So doing 12 sets gives me ~6 mins of workout

And if everything else fails, I just do 10 wall push-ups!

Do you have a home workout routine ? What is it? Has this changed over time?



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