How did I make myself eat salads at dinner, EVERY NIGHT!

I don’t know about you, but I have been battling with myself about eating salads at home. It seems so easy when I go through the steps mentally. However when I am back from work, I am so hungry, fixing a salad becomes a daunting task. Also, I like warm foods and cold salad leaves sounds very unappetizing!
    However, I have been testing out few things that have helped me to eat salads for 5 straight days at home. These are the main changes:
      1. Buying pre-washed salad greens. I like Costco the best for the volume of their salad bags. However Costco is a monthly visit for me. So the weeks that I don’t go to Costco, I rely on local groceries. Key thing is to get at least 2 varieties of greens to change it up. I have Spinach and Spring mix in the fridge right now.
      2. Making salad worthy of a meal! I make sure there is enough protein, nuts and dressing going into the salad. I skip croûtons.
      3. Using warm protein in the salad. I used a mix of beans and cooked ground turkey last night. I stick it in the microwave for few minute before adding it to the salad. The warm protein helps me to beat “I can’t eat cold leaves” syndrome.
      4. Preparing vinaigrette over the weekend. This is just a simple 1:1 ratio of acid and oil (I used lemon juice with olive oil) with few aromatics. I used garlic and fresh ground pepper. And salt to taste. I used a hand blender for emulsification and out came a delicious dressing that I can use everyday this week.
      5. I have a savory tooth. So I have banana peppers in the fridge now that I used. Other times I have used olives, capers, pickled jalapeños
      My son has also started to eat salad meals at dinner time. Having him as a salad buddy has helped me to stick with my salad routine. I would strongly recommend enrolling your family member or partner on this routine to keep yourself motivated.
        Tell me about your attempts at making salad meals at home. What did you do to make it work ?

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